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Command Set

The followings are the commands of handling Pyslvs-UI repository. If you just want to try the last nightly version, just follow the steps of full installation.

Pyslvs-UI and its kernel are the PEP 517 Python project, which requires some tools as shown below.

Tool Description
pip & setuptools Must upgrade to the new version to support PEP 517.
wheel Supports wheel functions.
build Used to build the wheels and source distributions under PEP 517.
apimd Used to generate the documentation.
PyInstaller Used to make standalone distributions.

Users of Windows platform must be able to execute shell scripts. (Msys2 is recommended)

Full Installation

pip install -e .

To update developing kernel only, goto pyslvs repository and execute the same command again.

Python Package Distribution

Use pip only: (only supports wheels)

pip wheel . --no-deps -w dist

Use build: (both wheels and sources)

python -m build
python -m build --wheel
python -m build --sdist

Standalone Distribution

Use PyInstaller: (Windows and macOS)


Use AppImage: (Linux)


Documentation Generation


Qt Resources Generation

python scripts/ --ui
python scripts/ --qrc


pip uninstall pyslvs-ui pyslvs


pip uninstall python-solvespace

Last update: February 26, 2021