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File Format of Pyslvs

There are two file formats of Pyslvs, the text-based YAML format is default, and the binary SQLite is used to record the versions. The YAML format is powered by PyYAML.

Saved Data

The following data will saved in the files.

  • Mechanism expression
  • Mechanism storage list
  • Input pairs
  • Path list
  • Kinematic chains collections
  • Configuration collections
  • Dimensional synthesis results

These data called “project” or “Pyslvs project” in the UI.

Features of Formats

The saving option will be changed when loaded a different type of format. The default saving format is YAML.

Format Description
YAML Blocked YAML.
Compressed YAML One line YAML.
Pickle Python official compression format.

Last update: January 11, 2021